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May 2012

From the moment my husband and I first arrived in Cairo we were met with a smiling face and a gracious attitude. This same level of service and professionalism was given to us by all the tour personel. Our expectations were met and exceeded everyday of our trip. We felt safe and grateful. I can't say enough about Mohammed, Manal, Ahmed, Mohammed. Our trip was made special by having been able to meet the above personnel. At every turn they answered every question did so kindly. They went above and beyond to make sure our stay was exceptional, and it was. During our trip our hotels were clean, modern and had staff that cared about their guests.
The cruise ship we took, M/S Amarco, was fantastic. My husband has special dietary needs and Mr. Fikry, the maitre d on the boat, went out of his way to make sure every single one of my husband's meals were made accurately.
Last but not least every driver we encountered was very professional. Especially the driver we had in Cairo. All in all we had the best vacation we have ever had. Thanks to everyone who participated in our tour. Thank you for caring enough to make our trip special.


April 2012

The guides and reps all did a great job. I was never stranded and they made sure I was where I was supposed to be when I was supposed to be there. With all the proper tickets and documents. The drivers were skillful. The cruise was nice and I enjoyed sitting on deck watching the scenery. I have never been on a cruise before. The different places I visited were wonderful, I was amazed and enchanted. Thanks to the guides, I learned a lot. I love Egypt, I will tell people they should visit.


March 2012

We enjoyed our trip a lot, the arrangements made by Travel Egypt were excellent . The tour organizers and travel guide were very hospitable, polite.
All the tour guides had an in-depth knowledge and were able to convey that to us in a nice way. The hotels were also very well chosen which made it easy for us to cover a lot of places in a short time.
Our representative Mohammed was with us all the time & saw to our comfort. He made sure our trip was safe, smooth & enjoyable.


Very organized & comfortable trip. All our guides & representatives were excellent. Our representative Mohammed in Cairo was most helpful, we could not have had a good time without his guidance.


We had a great time during our stay here in Egypt. The places that we visited Luxor, Abu Simbel, Aswan, and Cairo…. It was really memorable …. The drivers were good and drove us safely, and all guides at their respective location (1)Mohammed (2) Manal @Cairo were all knowledgeable and very impressive in their execution …Cruise was very memorable for the whole family and even the kids enjoyed it very well.
Had a very good time…. Keep up the good work and hope you maintain the level of excellence


February 2012

I felt that I had to write you and tell you how much we enjoyed our time in Egypt. My wife and I agree that it was by far the best trip we have ever taken. From the welcome on arrival with Hambib we were treated like friends. We enjoyed all the staff we dealt with but especially Hesham. The group wants to adopt him. He was professional, thoughtful, and very knowledgeable. He went out of his way to make sure we all had a very special time. Hang on to him. He is truly someone special. You could tell he really loves his country and its history.
If you have any prospective customers who can't make up their minds about going to Egypt, please give them our Email and we will try to put their minds at ease. Thanks again for a special 2 weeks.

Buddy and Susan

Dear Terry,

As you know, we were part of a group of seven friends who did a somewhat modified/extended version of the Ramses Nile tour and the Footsteps of Moses extension. We were very impressed with the care we received all along the way, beginning with our arrival in Cairo. Mohammed had already purchased the visas so we could go right from the plane to the waiting van. The attention to detail was always reassuring and things always went like clockwork. Our guide, Hesham, who stayed with us in Cairo and on the cruise to Aswan and rejoined us in Sharm El Sheikh, was knowledgeable and always willing to make every effort to be sure that we saw everything without any wasted time. He was always accompanied by Mohammed Ali, a gentleman driver, who was unflappable in Cairo and on the long treks through the Sinai. In remote areas, we were often accompanied by guards from the tourist police, and we felt that every effort was made to assure that security would not be a concern.

The hotels were all excellent, the food was superb and we thought that we received terrific value. Both cruises were memorable, but we have to say that the cruise on Lake Nasser on the MS Eugenie was perhaps the highlight of the tour. Because tourist numbers are still way down after the 2011 government change, we were moved from the Ibrahim, which is a larger and newer ship, to the Eugenie. The atmosphere of the Eugenie was beyond description – right out of Agatha Christie's Death on the Nile – and so relaxing. Our guide to the archeological sites, Mustafa, was professional, and the chef, Nemary, would be a superstar anywhere. Approaching Abu Simbel standing on the prow of the ship was a once in a lifetime experience.

The Sinai/Jordan extension was also outstanding. Our guide in Jordan, Omar, was exceedingly interesting and we ended our trip on a wonderful note by his inviting us all to his home for a delicious dinner cooked by his delightful wife. Our trip was educational and enjoyable in so many ways that it is difficult to summarize it. We would like to thank you, Terry, for making it all possible. We will highly recommend Travel Egypt to anyone who has an interest in travel. We hope that tourists will soon realize that it is OK to travel to Egypt again and, with crowds reduced, now may be the best time.

Best regards,
Lotti and John

December 2011

Hi, Terry,

Just wanted to let you know how much all three of us enjoyed our trip to Egypt. All arrangements worked very well and we were most impressed with our guides/leaders/drivers, etc. Great workers who took very good care of us.
Three were outstanding: Hamid, the tour leader in Cairo; Hesham, our Cairo guide; and Aymon, who met us at the airport in Luxor (and took us back.)
We will try to promote Egypt as much as possible and already have plans to do two slide shows/talks in two towns (Columbus and Red Lodge.)

Thanks for your advice, help and work!

September 2011

What a wonderful trip. Fantastic hotels and staff…quite impressed and I am, by nature, a very fussy person. We 3 all enjoyed it although I stayed away from some of the tours because my arthritis acted up in my foot. The train was not to pleasant on the way back due to the AC in the compartments not working and the toilets were not that clean but we brought anti-bacterial toweletts so we were OK. Ahmed, in upper Egypt, was a kind and very sweet tour guide and Manal, in Cairo, was great, both had nice personalities and were willing to go out of their way to please us. I have to say that I will have to book another tour with you within the next two years and I would like to send my son (who is Egyptian) and his future wife on a honeymoon there. He was born in Cairo but has never been to Upper Egypt. I thought this was a great deal for the money but I do have only one complaint: The water –tea-coffee and soft drinks. Would like to pay more up front to avoid signing every time I want a drink. We sometimes forgot to sign and then had to wait for the waiter to come by and it was a pain at times, but altogether it was GREAT and my friends enjoyed themselves. Your people were there on time everytime and one day I wanted to visit a friend and I was willing to walk to her home from the museum and they insisted on driving me and they picked me up as well at the exact time and you know how the traffic is there now. They were never late. Take care Terry and thanks again for a memorable vacation that could not have been more perfect.I will recommend you to all Americans wanting to visit Egypt. THE AMARCO WAS A BEAUTIFUL BOAT AND I FELT LIKE THE NILE QUEEN WHILE ON BOARD!

June 2011

Amazing experience!! Overall, everything was great. All of us felt incredibly well taken care of. While all of the Travel Egypt people were good, the Cairo team of Manal, Rami and Mohamed were exceptional. We are calling them " the dream team " !!. We have traveled all over the world, but have never had such a incredible group taking care of every detail. We can not recommend Travel Egypt highly enough. Thank you.
Robert and family

April 2011

Child's Egypt tour

Egypt was great.
Perfect time to go as there were very few tourists, no lines to get into tombs.
And my 7 year old daughter did great, even when we saw 9 tombs and 2 temples in one day in Luxor!


Childs Egypt Tour comment:
The team in Cairo is terrific, First Rate!
Manal is an exceptional guide, she is superb.
Rami is an excellent tour leader. He went out of his way to help us in several things, he provided additional cell phone service, local foods and thought up a variety of games to entertain my grandson. He is a great tour leader. Mohamed Ali is an excellent driver! Very accomodating and pleasant. Abbul, our guide in Aswan and Luxor is a bright intelligent guide who knows facts and how to present them in an entertaining as well as educational way.

Ted, Maryalice and Graham

March 2011

All the arrangements made by Travel Egypt worked out very well. Especially the representative Rami in Cairo and the guide Mrs. Manal deserve mentioning for their genuine friendship and hospitality. Rami was like a mother hen concerned with every aspect of our wellbeing and Mrs Manal is an expert egyptologist who taught us so much about ancient and contemporary Egypt. The driver Mohammed Ali, an older gentleman navigated the Cairo traffic with such calm and patience as to approach sainthood!.

The St. George was also a wonderful experience. The staff making our comfort and happiness their focal point! We truly felt like two queens sailing on the Nile on their royal barge.

Egypt was an amazing experience and because of the close contact we had with several Egyptians I feel very close to the country and the people and wish only the very best for all of them. Should you ever want me to be a reference for potential customers, feel free to do so. I have only positive things to say about my experience with you.

Best Regards,

We had an incredible vacation in Egypt. Everything went according to the schedule and we were impressed by the sites that we visited. All the staff in Egypt did a great job taking care of us. I will recommend your agency to all my friends. I hope I can visit Egypt again in the future.


We had an incredible time in Egypt and it is all thanks to our tour team - everyone was amazing! Our driver got us every place safety and timely. Manal was awesome! Her knowledge of everything is incredible. We are amazed at how much she knows. Her passion for her country is also very refreshing. Hamid is also very flexible in making and changing arrangements. One day he made arrangements for us to eat dinner at a restaurant down the street. The food was delicious but what made the meal was the conversation with Hamid. We do only have one complaint and that is the wait staff at the hotel for the most part the service was very slow and lacking. We do both work in restaurant in the US so we would expect the same service that we would give if we were working. Besides the poor restaurant service in the hotel, the hotel was beautiful and clean and we never had any issues with any other staff. We have both fell in love with Egypt and its people. We both hope to return to Egypt and explore more of the country someday. When we do will definitely do it with this company, and hopefully deal with the same people.
David and Tammy T.

An American in Egypt

Tuesday, February 15, 2011
By Karen McCormick

Karen McCormick at a temple in Luxor, Egypt
photo provided
Karen McCormick is pictured here at a temple in Luxor, Egypt.
photo provided
photo provided

(Karen McCormick is a Mount Pleasant resident who recently returned from Egypt).

Our trip to Egypt was not the nightmare other tourists have described.
When rumors of "riots in Egypt" began to hit the news a few days before a scheduled vacation there, I was far more worried about snow in NYC. Heavy snow was predicted for several days before our trip, and the airlines were offering free flight changes, never a good sign. We decided to show up as scheduled and hope for the best.

The news about the demonstrations in Cairo seemed to be getting worse. A friend called us at the airport to suggest we not go, and said she was surprised there wasn't a travel advisory. It wasn't until we were about to board that we first heard that the State Department may have advised postponing Egypt travel plans unless they were absolutely necessary.

A little over 10 hours later, we landed in Cairo and were greeted by a sign with our names on it, always a welcome sight when travelling to a country in which English is not the main language. Our liaison helped us through customs and escorted us to our waiting van. Once in the van, he introduced us to the owner of the tour company, who asked us why we had decided to come. His presence and that question helped to prepare us for a trip far different than what we had planned.

We were supposed to spend the first three days in Cairo. We were whisked around the city to Giza, a nearby suburb where we would see the pyramids instead. Tanks and Egyptian military personnel surrounded the hotel. We could see the pyramids in the distance. Unfortunately, because of the looting a few days before in the Cairo Museum, the pyramids and Sphinx were closed to tourists. There was also a 4 p.m. curfew in Cairo, which unfortunately extended to Giza.

The news over the next few days indicated pandemonium at Cairo airport. The American Embassy in Cairo appeared to be closed. A call to the embassy in the U.S. produced a recording directing callers to check a website to make flight arrangements. This advice was rather useless, since internet service was now nonexistent in all of Egypt.

The next morning he and our liaison met us at breakfast and had a plan. He would see if he could get us on a plane to Luxor.

Luxor had a completely different feel. There was no curfew, and aside from the fact that the streets weren't as crowded with tourists as one would expect, you would never know anything was going on in Cairo. We were able to see temple after temple, but all the museums were closed. While driving, we were occasionally stopped by locals carrying sticks or whatever weapons they could improvise. Our guide explained that they were just making sure no one entered their neighborhoods with intent to do harm.

We never knew what would be next on our itinerary until it happened, but we were able to just go with the flow. We stayed on a cruise ship in Luxor, and after a few days left for Aswan, cruising south on the Nile. The ship was supposed to stop in Edfu on the way, but apparently all the sites there were closed. The first few days, there were maybe 40 guests on the ship, with a staff of around 75. When a large group left, there were only the two of us and a French group of maybe 16. My guess is that the ship is probably completely empty by now.

Aswan was as quiet as Luxor had been. We practically had the temples to ourselves. Each day we felt more alone. The Egyptians we met were friendly and helpful. They knew the tourist business was hurting. All along, we were following the news in Cairo. The violence was so overplayed that folks back home thought we were in a war zone and were worried sick. Don't get me wrong, what was happening in Cairo was bad. The banks and post office had been closed for a week. Internet and cell phone access was cut. Food and other basic necessities were becoming scarce. But the violence was limited to a tiny square in the city, and even there the demonstrations were mostly peaceful. From what I can gather, there were some problems the second day of the protests when the police were still involved, and then again one night about a week later when the "pro-Mubarak"" or "pro-stability" faction caused some problems. Aside from those short periods of time, the anti-Mubarek demonstrators, in larger or smaller numbers and including families with children, protested peacefully in the square. The military, well trusted by the citizens, took over for the police and to my knowledge there were no problems between them and the protesters.

What was not played up on the news is the effect this is having on the citizens. Cairo is paralyzed. The rest of the country will be paralyzed soon as the reality of the economic calamity hits. The media is finally reporting that this is costing Egypt some $300 million a day. What we saw were the individuals who will be paying this cost.

Our tour company alone (TravelEgypt) spent a small fortune changing our itinerary around trying to balance keeping us safe with allowing us to see as much as we could of their fascinating country. All the rest of their bookings for February have canceled.

We never felt afraid or unsafe during our travels in Egypt. Everyone we encountered in Egypt was friendly and helpful. We were to travel toward the Red Sea and Mt. Sinai, but unfortunately by that time over a million tourists had left and there were no services available.

We were able to get a flight out on EgyptAir, and they didn't even charge us to change our tickets. The U.S., however, was a different story. While EgyptAir was willing to change our flight without even charging us a change fee, USAir used the circumstances to gouge us over $500 in addition to the price we had paid for the original flight. I write this to give a different perspective from what has been portrayed on the news in the U.S.

January 2011

As Kathy wrote in her review to Terry at Travel Egypt, this was a smoothly-run tour with no major hitches. It was an experience that our group of six will remember for a lifetime. We are most grateful to your very professional staff and guides for all that they did to make this an unforgettable experience. Hamed made sure that everything was organized and on time and accompanied us as we sampled a variety of delicious local dishes in several very nice restaurants. He is an exceptional host and representative and a great asset for Travel Egypt.

Menal not only is an expert Egyptologist, but also is an extremely effective communicator. Her energy, flexibility, and sense of humor made our time with her a highlight of our trip. She also helped enormously with our being able to enjoy the market in Cairo which probably would have been impossible for us to negotiate on our own. She helped a lot with our bargaining for items at the market. Our almost impromptu koshary lunch was fabulous and was another highlight of our trip. She is a remarkable personality and deserves her "sunshine" nickname.

In Luxor, Aswan, and Abu Simbel, we were very fortunate to have Moses as our guide, mentor, scheduler, bargainer, protector, and friend. His energy is contagious and his knowledge of ancient Egypt - like that of his colleague Menal - seems endless. Even with our small group of six, he was very patient and accommodating and made sure that we had a tremendous experience. His help and suggestions for shopping and bargaining with local vendors made our short shopping forays a lot more fun - and more economical than if we had been on our own. Moses, Menal, and Hamed make a wonderful team!!!

I must say that our group was probably overwhelmed by the number and variety of antiquities we saw and the information we heard while we traveled up the Nile. Upon reflection, I think it's slowly starting to sink in that we were treated to the trip of a lifetime that we will appreciate even more as time goes by. Several of us are still replaying the scenes of all that we saw and heard and experienced over and over in our minds - so we're continuing to enjoy our Egyptian experience well after it has ended. I think that will be true for years to come.

Thank you very much for a marvelous experience.
Richard & Pat

December 2010


The journey was flawless. Many thanks to you and your ground staff for our memorable visit to Egypt. The operations were seamless, from meet/greet to escort to hotel to tour director. The Egyptologists Menal and Moses were amazing. They were a wealth of knowledge. There is so much to see and to experience.

The hotels were exceptional; and the extra cost to face the Giza pyramids was worth it! If I have other guests, I might add a hotel night to Luxor and not board the boat until departure day. If I had more time I would have added extra nights in both Luxor and Aswan.

You offer an excellent product and I would highly recommend to all!

Again, thanks for all of your assistance....what a wonderful experience!


Guest Evaluation
David & family/Childs Egypt

Cairo: Manal an excellent guide.
Rami went above the call of duty to locate a camera charger for us.
Pyramids Park hotel was good.
The Conrad was Excellent.
In Aswan and Luxor our guide Ashraf did a very good job.
The Iberotel Aswan was excellent and the Maritim in Luxor very good.
In Alexandria our guide Marwa was excellent and of course Rami too.
The Maritim was Very good.
In Sharm Mohamed saved our trip when he found our camera (which we had lost).
The New Sonesta Royale was excellent.
A great job by travel Egypt. They went above and beyond to make our trip memorable. Everyone was very friendly and truly made us feel welcome. I would recommend you to anyone.


Dear Terry and Afifi:

If you recall I was extremely apprehensive the first time I phoned you asking about your tours. I had been to Europe 19 times, the Orient twice and to Morocco once. Egypt was a dream since I was a kid but truthfully was concerned not knowing the language or my way around the cities.

Terry, after the first few moments on the phone with you, my concern about going to Egypt melted and I felt extremely confident that you and your company would provide a great trip. Great trip indeed. It was AMAZING. From the moment I stepped off the plane and Yami and Mohamed were there to meet me to the last hug goodbye at the Cairo Airport when I left, you team did an incredible job. The hotels, all 5 star, the food, the ship, the sights. Even the weather cooperated in giving me 14 days of sun, blue skies and puffy white clouds. Your staff are extremely kind and concerned. Mohamed looked after me as a son taking his father on a tour of his city.Your Egyptologists sure knew their stuff. Your divers, the best I have ever seen. Traffic was more like New York on New Year's Eve with the horns blowing and people J walking. A sight to behold. I hope some day I can return to Egypt as this was probably the best trip out of the past 21. Prague, another favorite, is still up there as well.

Terry, I loved your tour so much that please use me as a reference. You have my permission to give my phone number and/or my email address to anyone who has doubts. They should stop looking at any other tour group and sign up for yours. MY hat is off to you, your team and your staff.


November 2010

My travel companions and I wish you to know how pleased we were with the services of our guide, Osama Awad and our driver Mostafa Orabi on our recent trip to Jordan last week. Mr. Awad's knowledge of Petra and Mt Nebo certainly brought these ancient treasures to life for us. His excellent command of the English language made it easy to understand him and allow us to concentrate on the information he was imparting. His thought process was thorough and orderly giving us a clear and precise historical account. Mr. Awad was candid in answering our questions and held his country in great esteem. As for our driver, Mr. Mostafa Orabi, we could not have felt in safer hands. His cheerful, helpful nature provided some of the highlights of our trip. In fact on our last night, Mr. Mostafa made sure we enjoyed a traditional Jordanian feast in one of the local restaurants. This experience was truly a highlight of our trip. Mr. Awad and Mr. Orabi made a great team and we would highly recommend their services to other travelers to Jordan.

Rosemary & Robert L.
Kris & Martin S.

Sahar has been the best tour guide. I have had very knowledgeable, nice smile, good heart person, woman . I FEEL VERY LUCKY WE HAD HER AS OUR GUIDE. Sahar, you are someone you can be trusted the moment someone meets you. Keep on fighting for your rights & the rights of women. Best luck for you & your son. I hope I can see you again.

Rosalina, cousin of Cleopatra

You are very nice .Thanks so much . I love your people.

Shaar is like a jewel in the desert. She shines with Bright Light. She has been fun AS A TOUR GUIDE. She is well informed & very understandable. She is flexible &wants to provide the services that you want to see or learn more about. We were able to learn more about Islam & its prospective about women.
"This being Human is a quest house"Rumi
Thanks to Allah for those two days in Cairo.
Thanks to Allah for the blessing & gift of Sahar.
May there be peace in our lifetimes.

Will G.
Sacramento, CA USA

Thank you very much for all the time & the effort. You are really a very nice person with a lot of knowledge about your culture, and you did everything to accommodate us. Hope to see you some day again.

Thank you again,
Lupe C.

Sahar Awad has been the best tour guide & person. It is difficult to describe her and short words, but I felt so happy and secure with her. She is a woman that we can be inspired by as a woman shall.
It was wonderful to meet you & I know I'll see you soon here or with Ala
Thank you very much for everything. Allah be with you.

These two days that we have been with you in Egypt feel as if we have been spent years living in this beautiful and ancient city. Thank you for sharing with us all your knowledge.


You have been a wonderful guide for us, so professional & knowledgeable. You made everything we saw come alive with your explanations & descriptions.
Thank you so much.
Marly & Kris S.

Dear Sahar,
Thank you so much for sharing your Egypt with us. This trip of a lifetime was made more wonderful by your knowledge, words & kind smile.
Rosemary& Rob L.

Thank you for a very nice experience. I enjoyed both your knowledge of ancient history (Egyptian Museum) as well as your insights into the reign of Salah al Din, the Mamluks, Mohammad Ali as well as modern Egypt & Muslim culture.
Paul R.

Thank you very much for sharing us your beautiful country and for opening a kit of history. We had a wonderful time!
Ashlymn, Kristy & Alex

October 2010

I wanted to let you know about our wonderful trip to Egypt and Jordan. We had high expectations and they were exceeded by at least 150%. Your concierge service for meeting at the airport was outstanding and so unexpected. Suleiman in Jordan even gave us money to get our visas before everyone else. Manel in Egypt was special. Thank you to all the Muhammad's who went out of their way to make sure everything was perfect. We are all tired but in better physical condition than before. I guess that comes from walking at least 30 miles and looking at 1000 of walls and statues. Needless to say there were something's we wish we had done and some not, but Travel Egypt is a wonderful organization with the highest level of service. I look forward to working with you in the future. Jordan was unexpected and so great. Wish we could have stayed longer at the Dead Sea. I asked the guide if there was something else to do on the way to Petra and he took us to the Panoramic Lookout where we also had lunch.

Nanci L.

Ms. Sahar is an excellent guide. She is extremely knowledgeable about all the places we visited. She is also very kind and hospitable and made tour very enjoyable .She is a wonderful tour guide for CAIRO.

Sahar is the best guide!
Sahar is the best guide we have had yet . Her knowledge of the Egyptian history is tremendous . She Is friendly & interesting & her English is very good.

September 2010

She likes us & she is very friendly. She has very good knowledge & information. She is easy to approach, answers our questions.
Carol L.

She is informative and intelligent. She is also well organized & good at keeping the group together and moving along, but at the same time she's very good-natured & friendly. Excellent guide.
Tom A.

Sahar helped us deal with our problems so I am grateful to her. First Rate Guide.
Lewis L.

Sahar has been helpful in answering our questions, and keeping us moving so that our time has been very well managed, and she is lots of fun to be with for days.
Susan L.

Ms. Sahar is a wonderful guide. She is very knowledgeable & speaks well. Evenmore she has a good sense of humor & is quick to share a joke. She has made run tour a great success.
Betsy D.

Excellent guide with a sense of humor & a great smile.
Ted D.

August 2010

She likes us & she is very friendly. She has very good knowledge & information. She is easy to approach, answers our questions.
Carol L.

What a wonderful day, Sahar treated us like king & queen & we would recommend your tour & her to everyone.
Elin & Jim M.
St.Lewis, USA

Sahar is the best! She is so knowledgeable.

We both thought your expertise in Egypt history was excellent. The tour was quite informative. Thanks so much.
David & Hana
Don B. & Karen S.
Sebastopol, California

July 2010

Our trip to Egypt was beyond our expectations. It was truly a wonderful vacation. Since we were the only ones on the tour from America, it felt like we were on a private tour. We were the only Americans aboard the two ships. as well. We loved that. It was hot - but never a problem.

The Egyptologists were basically very good, knowledgeable, friendly - however, one in particular...Abdelaal Hassane (Abdou) - was spectacular. His knowledge was shared with ease, enthusiastically, not by rote. He accompanied us throughout Luxor and cruised with us to Aswan. He was genuinely caring, almost like family. In fact, we asked him to join us for meals aboard ship. He was so humble and honored. If there is anyway you can pass that on to the powers that be in Egypt - we would surely appreciate that.

All of the representatives were efficient and made all the transfers easy. We were given an evaluation form for the first half - ending in Aswan. We did not receive an evaluation form for the second half of our trip, including the cruise on Lake Nasser and additional days in Aswan. If the company would like that from us, focusing on some details, we would be happy to fill something out.

Thank you for all you did. We have already recommended your agency to friends.
Debra and Lon

June 2010

Hi, We have just returned from our trip to Egypt and I wanted to let you know that it exceeded our expectations. The representatives were friendly and very professional and they took very good care of us. Rami in Cairo is truly an asset to your organization, he is totally devoted to your guest; we could not have been in better hands. Likewise, the transportation was superb with clean comfortable vans and friendly and able drivers. Also, the accommodations were some of the best in Egypt, we loved soaking in the infinity pools after a morning in the dessert sun. In Sharm, I would like to comment particularly on our guide Sadik, who I believe went far and beyond what was expected of him as a guide.

Travel Egypt runs a good operation and I would gladly recommend your services to anyone interested in visiting the country.

Have a great day and I hope to do business with you in the future,
Victoria C.

May 2010

I just wanted to let you know that Laurie and I thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Egypt! Your organization is FIRST CLASS! Both Afiffi and Manal our Egyptologist were extremely professional and so well organized. The hotels, the boat, the side trips - ALL of them were absolutely wonderful! You have an excellent product, and I will make sure to let our Shore Excursions management know in case they want to arrange some shore tours through you when our ships are in Egypt.

Kind regards and all the best to you and the team at Travel Egypt!

March 2010

Good Morning!
I have been wanting to write since we got back from our trip (Nile Treasure) but this is the first opportunity I had. My husband and I just wanted to thank you for putting together such a wonderful vacation for us. We arrived in Egypt on March 19th to a wonderful and beautiful hotel with a view of the pyramids. From that day until the day we departed on the 27th our vacation was nothing but first class. The guides we were given were top notch. They knew the history behind everything we saw and also the best times and ways to see the sites. We have traveled extensively and this was by far the best put together itinerary. You maximized our time but also left us time on our own. All the people we met during our stay were very friendly and helpful. We could not have asked for a better time.
Please be sure to use us as a reference as we can not say enough about your professionalism.

Thanks again for the vacation of a lifetime!
Helen & Ron

I wanted to start out by saying thank you for your help in planning a "fantastic vacation" to Egypt, for Linda, Karin and I. I would also like to reiterate what Linda has already shared with you about our experience in Egypt. We were with many tour guides but none that stands out like Rami in; customer service, punctuality, sharing and explaining information and representing your company as if it were his own. My husband and I own two businesses and I would be ultimately honored to ever be able to say I had an employee work for me that cared for my business as Rami does yours. He continues to educate himself to be an even better asset also. Without a doubt in my mind, our trip was made "the best trip of my life", in many ways due to the knowledge and ease of travel the Rami allowed us.

There is so much I could say but I will leave it at that and hope that Rami is honored and respected as a very intrical part of his company.
I look forward to using your company for future trips.

Hi Carson,
Just reiterating how great Rami, our Cairo representative, was in helping us during our visit in Cairo. Rami was so professional, reliable, friendly, caring, patient and he offered guidance and assistance beyond the call of duty. Rami's tireless efforts accommodating us is much appreciated. We hope Rami is recognized and compensated for his hard work. Please tell Afifi how we loved having Rami as our representative. We miss Rami!

And Carson- thank you for your patience with us in the planning of this trip. I hope to use your services again sometime since this Egypt vacation turned out to be a dream come true. Hey maybe an african safari!!!!

Thanks again Carson.

We booked the Incredible Nile tour just because the date was perfect for our granddaughter's Spring vacation, and it was one of the few that allowed a third party in the same cabin. Can't believe how we lucked out with the unexpected private group, quality hotels, and exceptional egyptologists. Connections were easy and on time. Rami and Abraham were outstanding.

Our Aswan-Luxor guide, Giovanni Natalino, was definitely a highlight. With a master's in Archaeology and hands-on experience in the field, he brought enthusiasm and up-to-date information to our trip. He looked after us very well.

We've travelled extensively with other cruise and travel companies, and independently, and never had a better experience.
Larry, Carol, and Leah

Excellent guide - welcoming, friendly, very knowledgeable, and always helpful!! Great to have the same guide all week. Very enjoyable trip - appreciated early-in-the-day visits to "hot" places. Thanks!
Cathy A.

Excellent overview of Egyptian history and culture along the Nile. Aggressive program to cover the requirements. Good balance in sights visited - maybe too many temples. Overall great trip!
Barry W.

Guide very good in explaining and relaying information. Her knowledge and professionalism was greatly appreciated. She is an excellent tour guide and an asset to your company. I will refer my clients to use this vendor in the future.
Princess W.

Guide has a wealth of knowledge and her enthusiasm is so exciting. She instills in a visitor the thrill of learning about the history of Egypt. I really enjoyed getting to know her and felt confident that she really took care of our group so that we just had to enjoy the trip!
Gwen B.

This trip exceeded our expectations. Our guide was very knowledgeable and made our entire trip both educational and fun. This is a program we could easily promote.
Sylvia W.

Moon Dance was fabulous! Good food, good service and beautiful boat. The whole trip was excellent. All drivers & staff members were polite and professional. I will recommend this to all my friends. I lover Egypt!
Mary Y.

Last day, visit Karnak temple first, before Valley of Kings, followed by Temple of the Queen, followed by Alabaster Factory. Karnak Temple is very important. I was too hot, and hungry to appreciate the guide's presentation. Transfers by and large crisp and easy. Guide was organized, an excellent leader and communicator as well as a learned Egyptologist and teacher. Service, particularly in the dining room on the Moon Dance was fair at best. Not very helpful nor cheerful. Cruising the Nile provided an excellent immersion in the lives of the common Egyptians, ie the farmer. Very interesting to observe 5000 year traditions still in practice. Thanks for a great trip.
John C.

Our guide was absolutely wonderful and made our trip. So knoweledgeable (and patient) with our group. The boat Moon Dance was excellent though we did wonder why we were on a cruise that went nowhere for 24 hours? Sometimes would have liked a few minutes extra to take photos but that is my only negative. Everything ran like clockwork and we were given marvelous shopping options which every woman loved.
Kim C.

This was my first trip to Egypt and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I was very impressed with the people and the friendliness. All guides were very helpful and kind. I would be more interested in learning more about the culture (past and present) and more biblical aspects. Thanks for a wonderful trip!
Teresa W.

February 2010

Just wanted to let you know that our Grand Egypt Tour was just that....GRAND! From the moment we stepped off the plane in Cairo to our final days of the tour we were well taken care of by the ground personnel, drivers and Egyptologists. And the best part of all...our group consisted of Jerry and me. Talk about feeling special!
Special thanks: To Romi who took such good care of us in Cairo and Alexandria and held our hands while dodging traffic. To Ashraf who was an incredible Egyptologist and took care of us during our cruise. His love of Egypt and it's history was evident. To Mrs. Marwa who guided us through Alexandria and let us wander and explore at a relaxed pace.
We returned home with so many fond memories...not to mention so many pictures and movies that we could make a documentary.
Thanks Travel Egypt for making it all possible...
Rick K
Jerry P

We just came back from our trip with Travel Egypt and everything was wonderful. Our accommodations and guides were all first rate. We really enjoyed our time with Minil in Cairo and George in Luxor. They shared so much knowledge with us and local culture. We would highly recommend them to any of our friends who want to travel to Egypt and Jordan. Petra was magnificent and our guide was an archeologist that had actually discovered a lost relief at the site. Not only were the guides great, we also had excellent drivers to navigate us through the complex traffic which is Egypt and representatives that made sure we got through customs and to the airports.

We were scheduled to go home on 2/22/10 the first leg on Lufthansa which was scheduled to strike that day. Minil and Rommy our representative contacted the airline for us and gave us a direct number to call should we have any issues. Travel Egypt made us feel safe and we knew if we had them to call on we would get home.
Dan & Yvonna L.

Sahar was an excellent tour guide around Giza & Sakkara also at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. She is very friendly helpful & knowledgeable about the sites and the regions history. I would like definitely recommend her services.

Adam H.
New York USA

January 2010

Dear Terry and the Gang,
Sandra and I have been very busy or I would have written sooner. The January tour exceeded our expectations. We did not have one negative comment about the whole trip. Our guides were excellent. We did persist on not doing some of the commercial things and they seemed to accept that. The Moon Dance was great. I cannot believe such comfort can be had in such a rough environment. The boat had every comfort. The schedule and support by our Guides and their drivers was efficient and professional. Ahmed was exceptional. He anticipated our every need and was ever present. This was a great comfort as being in a strange country and not knowing any of the language had us a little intimidated.

The guides were very knowledgable and explained a lot about the history and heiroglyphics that added to the beauty of the trip and the country. The Nile was beautiful. We enjoyed the camel ride the the monestary and the felucca ride later. I would recommend that everyone take advantage of all of the optional events.

It has been both an exception and a pleasure doing business this day and time with a company with the highest ethics. Travel Egypt and Sensot (?) did not misrepresent anything. Your brochures were complete and everything we expected happened perfectly. I will make one request. I will seek your recommendation on the better travel groups if we select an area that you do not cover. I can't read enough to determine who is best. It should be obvious that we couldn't have been happier with the trip and events.

Thanks again and hope to travel with you all again. Haven't been to Jordan yet.

Best from,
Roger and Sandra

November 2009

We had an awesome time. Ahmed did a great job he was always on time and very pleasant, the tours were fantastic, we will definitely be returning to Egypt, thanks to the wonderful service.
Carol and Moe O.

Great tour guide, very knowledgeable and wonderful personality highly recommended.
Dynasty Travel
Houston, TX

The tour guides were outstanding, among the best I have had, any where. Hotels were excellent, ship was new and room was great, overall an excellent experience, I will recommend Travel Egypt to others.
Robert S

We had an amazing trip. We felt very well taken care of at all of our locations. The guides were exceptional, not only were they informative, but a true pleasure to meet and spend time with during our stay. Our trip was so wonderful we want to come back to Egypt and send all of our friends. All of your staff were extremely efficient and professional. Abdu, the guide at Abu Simbel provided very good information.
Amy and Frances

We arrived home safe and a smooth flight. Menal, thank you for your prayers and your personal touch. You are an amazing hard working lady who is dedicated to her job and her culture and country.
From TravelEgypt's dedicated effort to produce a perfect package....to ...Terry and Melody who were modest to say the least. They said.... me and my group would be well taken care of ....as so we were!
We ( our group) all have gained a different view of Egypt seeing it through your eyes! Thank you for bringing a new dimension to these 26 American clients. "Dreams came true on this journey ...this "timeless land of the Pharaohs".
Our clients have sent me some loving reviews of their fabulous trip to Egypt.
I look forward to working with you in the very near future. Until we meet again, God Bless you and your family,
Helaine Z.
Alpha J Travel

Cairo: we have only good things to say about this city, its people and our stay. Rami and madam siham were informative and very friendly, always professional and made our trip truly enjoyable.
Rami gave us a great window into Egyptian culture and hospitality. Siham clearly enjoys giving tours and her enthusiasm is contajious. We can't wait to come back and hope to see them both when we do! Of particular note was Rami's willingness to visit a less- frequented place with us - Al - Azhar Park - and spend time talking about everyday life in Egypt. Thanks Rami.

Luxor: we enjoyed visiting the sites with their incredible scope and amazingly well-preserved colors hieroglyphics, and architecture. We especially enjoyed visiting medinat Habu, valley of the kings, and the tombs of the nobles, and the workers' village.
Josh P and Flora E

October 2009

As Salamu Alaikum, to you and your family,
I arrived safely and so was all of the others in the group, we cannot stop talking about you , your knowledge, Egypt and how much we gained from you. I guess my husband only hears me talking about Egypt and you, by now I think he knows you. I spoke to Melody and I told her about the group and I am requesting you to take care of them , Inshaallah, I have spoken to the group leader here and I will be meeting with him to give him some more information. My husband is also anxious to see Egypt.
Bibi H
Dynasty Travel

June 2009

Hi Carson,
I just wanted to thank you for helping me select The Royal Lily. The boat was beautiful, modern and extremely well kept. The staff was lovely as were the guests. There were 32 guests on board. We were put in a group of 11. 9 of us sat together for our meals as we really hit it off. Our tour guide was knowledgeable and fantastic. My kids really enjoyed it too. The tour schedule was perfect. We would not have been able to do more as it was so hot (115).
Anyway, thank you for your help. It was wonderful!

We have just returned from our trip to Egypt and we had a fabulous time. Your staff is very professional, thorough and suited our small group travel style. The quality of the hotels, Nile cruiser and trip overall exceeded my expectations. Since you don't know me, you don't know how monumental that is!

A big part of what made our trip so memorable is Manal. She is very knowledgeable, has a passion for what she does, has a great sense of humor, keeps everything under control with seamless effort and makes everything fun.

We typically travel independently but I think that would have been challenging in Egypt. So thank you for making our trip such a pleasant experience.

Vickie V.

May 2009

The much awaited day has arrived -- you are so excited to start your 4-day Nile cruise from Aswan to Luxor on board the Royal Lotus! But what's this? Travel Egypt changed our ship to the Royal Lily? At first a bit anxious but then you are elated - this is an upgrade to the best and newest ship in the line and it is a beauty!
NOTE: While there is no way to ever guarantee free upgrades we are always trying for our clients at hotels and cruises.

Nile cruise ships are not the sleek mega cruise ships but rather specifically designed boxy smaller ships that buddy up in port to each other, lining up their doors such that you may have to walk through three ships to get to yours! But you think the Royal Lily is the best one of them all! It is beautifully decorated in an Asian style with browns and lavendar. Your stateroom is spacious compared to regular cruise ship cabins, and the bathroom with full tub and ceramic bowl sink is closed by a shoji door! But the best is yet to come. As you enter the small but elegant dining room, an international buffet awaits with pasta chef front and center wearing his tall pristine white chef hat. Your table is #12 and it is black wood with beige runners with fresh flowers. You meet Salah the dining room manager who welcomes you and then you join your companions gleefully filling your plate from the artistically displayed salads, breads, main dishes and desserts. We gratefully give thanks to God for his gift "exceedingly, abundantly, above all that we could ask or think!"

The four days go quickly but are so full that you feel like it is at least a week. The excursions are all included and you visit the famous pink granite quarries of Aswan where all the material came from for the ancient 3000 year old Egyptian statues, temples and obelisks (incredibly tall four sided tapering column topped with a pyramid shape carved from one piece of granite, the top originally covered in gold and silver). You visit the temples of Kom Ombo, Karnak and Luxor where every inch of the temples, built from the Holy of Holies outward, are covered in carving and hierglyphs and originally fully and colorfully painted. But you think the best excursions were the two to Hepshepsut's temple (one of only three women pharoahs) a huge white three tiered temple with hundreds of columns and a great central ramp, and the excursion to the Valley of the Kings and Queens where you got to visit King Tut's tomb and others even more elaborately decorated!

Then there was Egyptian night on board ship. You put on the long sleeved full length outfit you had purchased earlier on one of your bargaining adventures at the souk (market). It is a lovely cranberry color with gold braided trim. Jeff has a matching color traditional robe with a white turban. Tom wears a rakish bedouin white scarf ala Yasser Arafat. Cheryl is bedecked in turquoise splendor. Off to the Egyptian buffet feast you go followed by silly fun games (Picture full grown macho men tied with a rope around the waist that dangles between the legs at the end of which is a foil wrapped potato. They then swing their hips in such a rhythm as to hopefully cause the swinging potato to contact a foil wrapped potato on the floor and propel it across to the other side!) and conga line dancing. Other nights you enjoy the belly dancing and colorful whirling dervish dancing by a man twirling round and round, swirling colorful skirts up high like a top so that you do not even see him.

It ends all too soon, this wonderful Egyptian journey and now you are recovering from a cold and sore ribs at the home of your daughter in California but with lasting memories of a friendly land where everyone says, "Where are you from? Welcome to Egypt!", where you quibble over 3 Egyptian pounds and then realize it is only 60 cents, where the food is so flavorful that you understand the passage in the Bible where the people of Israel are complaining about the honey flavored manna that God supplies them in the desert and say, "We remember the fish, which we did eat in Egypt freely; the cucumbers, and the melons, and the leeks, and the onions, and the garlic..." (Numbers 11:5).

Shokran (thank you) for your prayers.

With love and aloha,
Linda (and Jeff)

April 2009

Dear Travel Egypt,
We are back in the States after a GREAT trip through your Company that began on April 20th. We were the only two on tour through the entire trip and have nothing to say but great things about our trip; from the time we arrived in Cairo till the morning we departed for Paris. Your staff in Egypt is exceptional in every possible way--meet and great, prompt, very friendly, very knowledgeable and always seeking to please their clients. We've been on several tours in Europe and the Orient but yours is the best we've experienced. Please pass this on to Afifi El Shimy. Everyone was outstanding but we'd like to mention our tour guide from Aswan to Luxor named Emile. He was with us for almost 4 days and the best guide we've ever had on any trip or tour.
Thanks again.
Frank and Norva

Hi. I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you what a fantastic trip we had. We hadn't realized that our tour would be private, but now we see how we misread the description (your literature states groups of 2-16, but now we realize that this was our choice!). On the flight home we discussed how could we have made such a good choice in tour groups! We were very pleased and felt quite fortunate to have been so well cared for.

Having "handlers" keep track of us left us worry free to enjoy the days. Mohammed took care of everything in Cairo and Menal was a fabulous guide. We were very fortunate to run into Zahi Hawwas, Secretary General of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities, at the Imhoptep Museum! He was so kind to take a moment to chat with us and pose for a picture with our daughter. The rest of the week was busy and wonderful. The Guide for our Southern (Upper) Egypt was George and he was warm and informing.

The only suggestion for improvement that we could offer would be regarding accommodations. The Basma Hotel was beautifully located, but sorely outdated. Perhaps an option there might be the Ms. Basma - right next door and it appeared to be more up to date. You were totally right about the condition of the trains...my husband wished we had missed that "opportunity," but it was a must-do for my daughter and I. We survived it anyway :)

HUGE success and thank you for your services.
Kathy P. and Family

March 2009

I would like to express my thanks for a wonderful trip. Renita, Angela, Thommi, and I had a fabulous time. We would like to specifically thank our guides, Hassan and George, and our transporters, Mohammad and Mohammad. They did an excellent job!

Thanks again! We will definitely refer you to our friends and family who would like to visit Egypt.
Donna N.

February 2009

I returned last week from a most perfect trip to Jordan and Egypt, thanks to the sterling planning and support of Travel Egypt. I am so grateful that a friend of my brother, recommended the company so enthusiastically, and that I chose the company to put together my trip.
Every aspect of the company’s activity was excellently done. I never once felt concerned that I was not in capable and dependable hands. Every commitment the company made to have someone meet me, drive me, guide me, etc. was carried out to the letter. This outstanding service made the trip so much more enjoyable and with so much less anxiety than might have otherwise been the case.
Most important, each coordinator, guide, driver and other person associated with Travel Egypt I met were not only exceptionally professional in their work, but were also among the nicest, most enthusiastic and knowledgeable people I could have hoped to meet. Whether I had a little or a lot of time with them, each one was incredibly helpful, informative, reliable and genuinely fine people. I brought home with me all of their smiles, as well as their and love of Egypt or Jordan and their delight at sharing their countries with visitors like me. Those smiles and personal relationships will stay with me always. They, and their owners, are now like friends – and I’m so very grateful for their friendship. I know you know all of this, because you had the wisdom to employ them. But I figure it’s always nice to have one’s wisdom confirmed about the people one has hired!
Because of the particular time I was able to spend with them, I would like to extend particular thanks and acknowledgement to a few individuals:
In Cairo –
· Mr. Mohammed Gamal, for his heroic performance (and incredibly long hours) waiting for me at the airport and sitting with me at the Giza station waiting for my train to Aswan. (Also for his patience and understanding when I got off at the wrong train station coming back from Luxor.) But especially, my thanks for sharing his philosophy about taking care of the company’s clients, and his enthusiasm for the company and the opportunities it gives to introduce people like me to the wonders of Egypt, both ancient and modern.
· Manal (I apologize for not having her last name), for her deep knowledge of all the sites we visited in Cairo, for her humor, for pointing out the best places for me to take photos, and especially for her stories and insights into ancient and modern Egyptian culture.
In Aswan and Luxor –
· Mr. George Hanna, for showing me the sites from Aswan to Luxor, for all our conversations which were so educational to me, and for his extensive knowledge of the history and characteristics of the sites we visited. He was an outstanding guide and an excellent travelling companion.
· Bessel in Aswan, Mahmoud in Luxor, and the support in Abu Simbel – They all took perfect care of me, getting me everywhere I needed to be when I needed to be there. Particular thanks to Bessel for finding me bandages at the pharmacy and interpreting the Arabic at the Arab-African Bank ATM when I desperately needed cash!
To all the Egyptian drivers - I can’t imagine the skill, patience, alertness and endurance it takes to navigate Egyptian traffic, particularly in Cairo. I quickly realized that Travel Egypt uses only the best drivers, and that, thanks to them, I would survive the traffic and come home to tell the tales.
In Jordan –
· Mr. Mohammed Assaf, who was the driver provided by Green Arrow Travel, was outstanding. Despite the very short time I had in Jordan, I came away with a great deal of knowledge, respect and admiration for the country, its history and people, thanks to Mohammed. I felt at all times safe, and confident that he is an extremely mature, experienced and capable person who could have handled anything, even a big emergency. He was my first introduction to the quality of people Travel Egypt would deliver. That introduction couldn’t have been better. It made me totally confident of the quality of the support I would get from the company for the rest of the trip.
· Mr. Saleh Farajat – Thanks to Mohammed, I also was privileged to have Saleh as my guide in Petra. It is clear why he is recognized as one of the very top Petra guides. His knowledge of the area, and his ability to inform with stories, humor, wisdom and solid facts, made my much too short visit to Petra as complete, satisfying and enjoyable as I could possibly have hoped.
Again, my sincere thanks to you and all of your staff for a perfect trip. I am hugely impressed by the quality of the people and service provided by Travel Egypt. I am praising the company to friends, encouraging them all to visit Egypt and Jordan in Travel Egypt’s very capable hands.
Kit A.

Dear Carson,
My wife wanted me to write you this e-mail to let you know how much we appreciated the quality of service we received. Our entire trip to Egypt was excellent. The three night cruise you provided couldn't have been better.
The people who picked us up and delivered us to and from the hotel and boat were punctual, polite and helpful. Its great to have such service when as a tourist you have no idea in a new country whose language you don't speak. The meet and assist people and their drivers were great.
EgyptAir was on time and as good or better than most of our airlines.
The Ramadis II was an excellent riverboat as you had said and also as you had said Movenpick, the Owner certainly provides excellent food in variety, selection and quality.
The Egyptologists who escorted us on tours spoke excellent English. They were very knowledgeable and added a great deal to the quality of our experience.
Thanks again and please feel free to use us for references. I can assure you we will recommend you to any of our friends who ask.
Charlie Weidner


January 2009

Wanted to let you know the trip was fantastic! We got to see everything as noted except the boat museum which slipped by each of us. We had as nice weather as one could want. Overall the Egyptian guides were very good but spoke English with strong accents and a bit fast. The guide in Jordan was great, very good English, and most helpful to the wife with horse and donkey rides.
The coordinator in Cairo (Mohammed) was one of the best we have encountered in our many trips abroad. And, he is now considered part of the family.
What a difference in the way the Egyptians and Jordanians live. It is like stepping from the 1500s to the 21st century. Extreme contrasts in everything.
Our favorite stay was at the Mena House. The original room was nice and overlooked the pyramids and gardens. The manager upgraded us to a suite as our first room was going to be too close to a party and they did want us to be disturbed. The suite was fabulous and the view as well.
The St. George is a great boat. In fact, once the guides learned we going on it, they believed it to be the number one boat on the Nile. The only problem was the food. Several people got sick from eating greens, etc. We did not have any problems as we learned the old adage to not eat anything washed in local water or could not be peeled.
Overall (for the entire trip), the food was good but rather bland for us.
The other highlight hotel was the Marriott in Cairo. What a beautiful place. And the food was the best we had in Egypt.
Getting up at 3:30 am to visit Abu Simbal was not fun but it was worth it. The angle of the sun was great and the setting is beautiful. It is difficult to grasp moving the temple from it's original location.
Petra was more than expected. Photos do not do the "city" justice. We spent the whole day there and enjoyed it immensely. On our last day, we decided to leave early and spend some time at the Dead Sea. The guide made the arrangements and the additional cost was nominal. Now we can say we were in the lowest location on land.
We could go on and on about how great the trip was but these are once in a lifetime memories and we appreciate Travel Egypt putting together a wonderful trip.
We certainly would recommend Travel Egypt as a great representative.
Thanks ever so much,
John and Earlene S

When we arrived in Cairo Jan 2009 - an experience of a lifetime began. Mohamed met us as we entered the Airport, we immediately felt welcomed. Everything in Cairo was professional and spectacularly done - we had no worries. Manal was the best guide as Mohamed had said; our trip will long be remembered and certainly we hope more Americans can experience this with Travel Egypt.
Eric F. and Judith L.

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