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Lake Nasser Cruise

Since Egypt's Prehistoric times the Nile River valley provided the only route from the Mediterranean world to interior Africa, with Nubia as the point of contact between the two, a highway for diverse cultures and political powers during thousands of years. However, it is recent history that provides two of the greatest feats known to man. One the building of the immense dam at Aswan and the other the engineering marvel of saving the various antiquity sites that lined the old river shores. The Egyptian dam took 30,000 men working around the clock for ten years to complete. The reservoir that was created now stretches
some 300 miles from the dam all the way into the Sudan. Varying in widths it averages about 6 miles across. Dotted with hundreds of islands and abundant wildlife it features scenery combining natural beauty with incredible history. Cruising aboard luxurous ships, designed with a hint of history yet featuring the most modern conveniences. We have two Deluxe ships on the lake.

Cruises must be booked at least 45 days prior to embarkation.

M/S Omar El Khayam from $395

M/S Prince Abbas from $395

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Itineraries may vary slightly from those shown due to lake conditions and other considerations (such as site closed by the Ministry of Antiquities for research or restoration).


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M/S Prince Abbas
M/S Prince Abbas Main Restaurant
M/S Prince Abbas Lounge Bar
M/S Prince Abbas Deluxe Cabin with Twin Beds
M/S Prince Abbas Swimming Pool
M/S Omar El Khayam
M/S Omar El Khayam Restaurant
M/S Omar El Khayam Lounge
M/S Omar El Khayam Cabin
M/S Omar El Khayam Pool