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The Eugenie was proudly named to evoke an historic event in Egypt's recent past: the grand opening of the Suez Canal in 1869, attended by
the crown heads of Europe including the Empress Eugenie of Austria. The completion of the Suez Canal marked Egypt's passage into modernity, and a new era of international trade and interaction.

Likewise the Eugenie, the first ship to sail Lake Nasser, launched a new era of tourism, offering travelers fresh vistas of Egypt's natural beauty and archeological treasures. Lake Nasser extended the boundaries of Egypt's touristic possibilities, while the Eugenie reminds us of this ancient country's endless capacity for renewal.

The M.S. Eugenie was constructed in 1993 in the style of a turn-of-the-century Nile steamship. It is taken out of service every Summer for maintenance and renovation keeping the quality of the ship similiar to when it was first built. It is 242 feet long, with just 52 cabins measuring 228 square feet and two luxurious suites, the Suite De Maria which measures 456 square feet and is located on the upper deck and the incredible Suite Imperatrice which measures over 1000 square feet and is located at the front of the upper deck with a private balcony that runs the width of the ship. Both suites have one king bed. Each cabin and suite has private bathroom with shower, washbasin, w.c. and hairdryer.

All cabins are twin bedded, however, the twin beds can be combined into one king bed upon request.

The upper deck has 22 twin-bedded cabins each with a private balcony. Upper deck cabins can only be guaranteed with payment of an additional surcharge.

The main deck has 20 twin bedded cabins, also with private balcony and two single bedded cabins with private balconies.

The lower deck has 8 twin bedded cabins without balconies, these are the only cabins that can be used for triple occupancy (Suites may also be used for triple occupancy).

See Deck Plan

Cruises must be booked at least 45 days prior to embarkation.


  • 4 Days / 3 Nights Aswan to Abu Simbel every Friday starting at €693

  • 5 Days / 4 Nights Abu Simbel to Aswan every Monday starting at €924
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    M/S Eugenie
    M/S Eugenie Restaurant
    M/S Eugenie Restaurant
    M/S Eugenie Safari Lounge
    M/S Eugenie Main Lounge
    M/S Eugenie Cat Bar
    M/S Eugenie Gameroom
    M/S Eugenie Steam Bath
    M/S Eugenie Sun Deck
    M/S Eugenie Pool
    M/S Eugenie Cabin
    M/S Eugenie Lower Deck Cabin
    M/S Eugenie Suites
    M/S Eugenie Deck Layout