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Deluxe Five Star Nile Cruise

Deluxe 5 Star: More luxurious accouterments in cabins than the standard five star, yet not quite the plush of the Premier boats. Staff to guest ratio allows for excellent service.  Meals may be ala-carte as well as buffet.  No shorts at dinner, country club casual dress at certain events but no coat and tie required, rarely have children on board. Age range of guests is wide but basically 30 years old to 60 years young. Triple cabins allowed. If the cruisers in this class were hotels they would be of the Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt venue.


Cruises must be booked at least 45 days prior to embarkation.

M/S Alyssa from $325

M/S Amarco I from $400

M/S Beau Soleil from $300

M/S Blue Shadow from $400

M/S Concerto from $420

M/S Darakum from $495

M/S Farah from $370

M/S Hamees from $385

M/S Kon-Tiki from $450

M/S Legacy from $400

M/S Liberty from $425

M/S Livingstone from $350

M/S Mayfair from $495

M/S Minerva from $400

M/Y Mirage from $450

M/S Moon Dance from $450

M/S Nile Goddess

M/S Princess Sarah from $350

M/S Princess Sarah II from $350

M/S Royal La Terrasse from $400

M/S Royal Lily from $295

M/S Royal Lotus from $295

M/S Sun Ray from $495

M/S TiYi / TuYa from $350

Reservations Travel Agent Reservations

Itineraries may vary slightly from those shown due to river conditions and other considerations (such as site closed by the Ministry of Antiquities for research or restoration).


Terms & Conditions


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M/S Alyssa
M/S Amarco I
M/S Concerto
M/S Darakum
M/S Farah
M/S Hamees
M/S Kon Tiki
M/S Legacy
M/S Liberty
M/S Mayfair
M/S Minerva
M/Y Mirage
M/S Miss World
M/S Moon Dance
M/S Nile Goddess
M/S Princess Sarah
M/S Royal La Terrasse
M/S Emilio
M/S Royal Lotus
M/S Sun Ray
M/S TiYi / TuYa